Name: Sue and Tim May
Profession: (T) I’m an antiques dealer, though I’m building my own house now, which is pretty much a full time job. I also help out here. (S) I’m a herbalist. And a shopkeeper. May’s General Store in Cliffe High Street. We sell literally everything. (T) Not literally. (S) Well, almost everything. Teas, herbal remedies. Ethnic gifts. Furniture. Books. Organic food and beer.
Are you local? (S) I’ve been here all my life. 58 years. (T) I moved here when I was six. (S) We’ve known each other since we were at Mountfield Road School together. We first met when we were twelve.
Best thing about Lewes? (S) I love it here. We’ve lived in other places, but we’ve always come back. It makes me feel cosy. (T) I love the people here. It’s a lovely historic town.
Worst thing about Lewes? (T) The parking’s spoilt it. I’m on the edge a lot of the time. I’ve had about six tickets. I have to set my alarm to remind me when my ticket will run out. (S) I wish there were alpacas. In the centre of Lewes. (T) That’s a silly answer, Sue. (S) No it’s not. You know we’re going to have them one day.
Favourite pub? (S) We don’t really go to pubs any more. (T) We used to run the Snowdrop. We met a lot of lovely people doing that. But we also saw the scary side of life a bit. I pop in there now and again, but not often.
What’s your poison? (T) I’ll take home a bottle of Dreckly from here. It’s a great Cornish real ale. Or I’ll drink a pint of Harveys if I do go to the pub. (S) I’ll have a Pimm’s and lemonade occasionally with a friend.

Come what May: Tim and Sue met at Mountfield Road School in 1960