Lewes would be better if… (T) It had an underground car park right under the centre of town with exits leading to certain places. And there was less bureaucracy. Like those flower pot things they had screwed down in the Cliffe. I asked what they were about. Apparently to get people used to pedestrianising the road. The first day they had to take one out from in front of the Gardners, because there was no room for the dray van. Then one got hit by a Land Rover. Pretty soon four more were hit by cars. Eventually they took the last one down before Bonfire Night. What a waste of taxpayers’ money. (S) If the Grey Pit along by the river was turned into a nature park and they had alpacas there. (T) I used to walk the dogs there and there were a couple of owls, and loads of goldfinches. It’ll end up as a landfill, or an industrial estate.
What Lewes really doesn’t need is… (S) More multinationals to come in. (T) Or Tescos to expand. (S) They ask me if I want a loyalty card in Tescos. I would never want to give them all my information. (T) Any more flooding. We need to have proper flood defences. A few years ago after the flood 1,000 men with shovels would have sorted it out straight afterwards. Now we wait six years and do nothing. Tescos is the only place that got flood defences, and it turns out they didn’t even pay for it.

Sue May: Alpacas in central Lewes? Just you wait