Book Signing - Peter Bayless

On Monday morning I phoned Peter Bayless, the Chalvington-based former advertiser who won the popular TV series Masterchef earlier this year, to find out about his book-signing at the Riverside on November 18th. I found that, not only could the 60-year-old talk the hind legs off a locally-bred cow, but that he could tell me exactly which cuts I should use in my pot, too.

Peter, whose book ‘My Father Could Only Boil Cornflakes’ went on sale earlier this month, is very much an advocate of using local seasonal ingredients, and he does much of his shopping in the Riverside. “One problem with all the celebrity chefs is that they use ingredients that most families could not possibly afford,” he says. “Even Jamie Oliver, if he’s cooking steak, will use a centre fillet of Aberdeen Angus - which might cost £40 - and smother it in herbs. But you don’t need to use such expensive cuts; you can get exquisite results using cuts which only a butcher can give you, which can be easily affordable. Take belly of pork as an example. In supermarkets it’s cut into strips for barbequing, and that’s it. In the butchers you can get a huge chunk of meat which will feed 8-10 people for around £10. The quality of meat will be much higher. Put it in the oven with thyme and onions and a little salt, cook it for twenty minutes at maximum heat, turn the oven down low and leave it in there for four to five hours. Go and watch the football, or whatever. Serve it with potatoes and greens and you’ve got the most succulent dish in the whole world.”

Ready, steady, book: TV masterchef Peter Bayless will be signing
the account of his rise to fame at the Riverside