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The Dawgs - The Snowdrop Inn

With a name like 'The Dawgs' there is no surprise in learning that the Hastings based six-piece's latest album is called, 'Dawgy-style', but only that they have not taken advantage of the punning potential before. The band, who describe their sound as 'Hillbilly-cum-Cajun-cum-Country', and their influences as stretching from Beausoleil to The Fine Young Cannibals, had never previously released an album, despite being together for twenty years. (The original four were joined two years ago by string bassist Alan and fiddler, Jake.) It hasn't stopped them being busy on the gig circuit, though. After a 'rocking' gig at the Snowdrop in August, The Dawgs are back at the Inn with the promise of another good-time, high-energy event. "We play good fun music that is very danceable", guitarist and songwriter, Jim Tipler tells me.

Drawing on traditional Cajun songs, they increasingly use only their own material, although they play a version of 'She Drives me crazy, which 'always goes down very well'. They will even be providing their own Cajun-style dancers tonight - 'Crawfish Vic' and 'Bloody Mary', to get the audience two-stepping. "We’re not purists," says Jim, "we try not to mimic but to do our own take on the music." They certainly put passion into it. Guitarist Jim Tipler has reportedly 'broken enough strings to knit a very uncomfortable vest.' Is this true? I ask him. "Yes", he laughs, "although my friend, who is a guitar maker says it's down to bad technique. I've probably got to agree with him!" ER

Who let The Dawgs out?
The Snowdrop Inn, South Street
When? 9pm
How Much? Free
(t) 01273 471018
(w) Website