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Jazz/World Music - Enjambre Acustico Urukungolo

Even the most knowledgeable world music or jazz aficionado can be forgiven for not having a clue as to what sort of instrument the urukungolo is - it is an invention of Mexican-born percussionist Gibran Cervantes, one of three highly accomplished musicians playing tonight. By all accounts it is a strange instrument which blends strings and percussion, akin to a Finnish Kantele, which can be bent, plucked or hit with sticks.

Cervantes is joining two high-calibre British musicians, saxophonist Trevor Watts and percussionist Jamie Harris, who have made a name for themselves across the globe for their highly individual, highly informed style of music. Watts has been a professional saxist since the sixties, starting as a traditional jazzman but soon blending in elements of world music to create a unique sound on both tenor and alto (and sometimes, if you’re lucky, both at the same time). Harris, originally a singer, became a percussionist at the bequest of Watts, and accompanies the older man’s eclectic reedsmanship with rhythmic patterns on the conga, djembe and darbouka. This is a high-level gig (they have recently played in such venues as CB’s in New York and HotHouse in Chicago) demonstrating how Lewes, thanks to the hard work of such organisations as the Guitar Festival and the Live Lit Festival, is becoming known on the arts circuit as a viable stop-off for avant-garde performers looking for a discerning audience. DL

Is it a drum? Is it a violin? No, it’s an urukungolo
All Saints Centre
When? 8.30pm
How Much? £8/ £6