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Since that meeting, however,John Stockdale of Lewes action group Phoenix Action, has found a letter to investors on the internet and a prospectus about the Phoenix Quarter written by Angel Property. When describing the retail area, there are no limitations. Only praise for the new development's "flexibility".
Our discussion of the town's character was interrupted when Charles' associate Ian Mackay of BBM Sustainable Design said it would be good to tell shops to close their doors and save heating. Everyone agreed this was a good idea.

After four hours, Charles Style had effectively told us nothing new. We spent the whole meeting playing 20 questions - asking what his version of a twitten might be, what he meant by ‘character’, what a‘podium’ storey was and how many children might be added to the registers of the town's schools. Charles could not show us twittens or podiums, had no policy to define character and said the calculation of additional school children was ‘complicated’ and he did not have the figures. Angel will give its latest plans and reports to the council on the 20th of November, but at this stage, will not be making them public.

No, Charles was all ears. And everyone present had the warm feeling of being consulted. "Seriously Charles," said one of the environmentalists, "If you sell this as a sustainable development, a lot of your opposition will melt away." "Yeah," said Charles "that's the vibe I'm getting." DB

When is a storey not a storey? When it’s a podium storey