Name: Ben Edmonds (aka Mr. Pineapple Head)
Profession: Clown. I do shows, mainly locally at children’s parties. I also do festivals and theatres and the occasional comedy club.
Are you local: if not how long have you been here? My family moved to Rodmell when I was twelve. As a young man I travelled around a bit, but I moved back to Lewes with my partner Sian eleven years ago, when I was about to become a dad. It’s a great place to bring up kids.
Best thing about Lewes? There’s a good balance. It’s right in the countryside, but so close to London and Brighton, too. It’s really peaceful here but if you miss the buzz of city life you can get to it in just an hour.
Worst thing about Lewes? The opening hours. Considering the size of the town it’s ridiculous that there are no late-hour licences and you can’t watch a live band after 11pm.
Favourite pub? I’ve got to say the Lansdown, though I don’t really go to pubs at the moment for one reason or another. I’m not a big second-hand smoking fan is one thing.
What’s your poison? At the moment I’m not really drinking. I’m trying to live a completely healthy lifestyle. But twice a year or so I’ll go on a complete all-nighter and I’ll drink anything I can get my hands on.
What do you think about traffic wardens?
The old ones were great. They were real community wardens. They’d check if someone was popping into the shop before they issued a ticket. I agree with parking restrictions, but the approach is all wrong. The other day I was given a ticket because my bonnet was a couple of feet over a double yellow. I was just in the video shop for a minute. I’m still fuming. There’s no need for it.

Ben Edmonds sans pineapple head