Walker trained as an illustrator and it was this interest in representation which fuelled the direction of the exhibition. “I see myself as an image-maker”, he tells me. “But the composition of a work is as important to me as its theme”.

Does Walker play snooker himself? “About three years ago I decided to take it up again after watching the game for a long time. It was only when I started again that I realised how fiendishly difficult it was”. I suggest that this sense of frustration seems to underpin all the paintings either in the personification of moments of conflict or the way in which the game seems to constantly elude the observer. In ‘The Run of the Balls’ (homage to Dali) the balls are literally melting and unworkable, in ‘Trooker’ (True Snooker) the table has become unfeasibly distorted whilst in ‘The Village Green’ the game is represented as monstrously oversized. “Perhaps”, he says cautiously. “It’s an interesting idea but, of course all my work is open to interpretation.” It seems, then, that finding a definitive meaning is as elusive as gaining mastery of the game. ER

Walker’s work was featured during the BBC coverage of the UK Snooker Championship in December.

‘Snooker Club’ by Tom Walker
Star Gallery, Castle Ditch Lane
When? Until Feb 3rd, Monday - Saturday: 11-5.30pm
How Much? Free
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