It happened almost accidentally. I didn’t go on a diet. These days, I never go on diets, because, if you eat less than you need, your body fights back by becoming better at fat-packing. As Geoffrey Cannon put it, diets make you fat. One day, you start eating normally again. And then - poof!
What happened was this. I decided, not to eat less, but to eat more. To eat more greens, in fact. I already ate greens regularly. But I’d read something about the relationship between greens and ageing. Basically, greens stop you ageing so fast, apparently. So I started to eat tons of greens. So instead of beans on toast, I had beans on greens. That was breakfast. And I carried on for the rest of the day.
Two weeks later, I’d lost half a stone. And I was stuffing my face. The point was, I wasn’t hungry between meals. I’d stopped eating bread and pasta and rice. It was all a result of the greens - almost an accident. And now I don’t want these things so much. Now that there is less carbohydrate-related insulin in my system, I don’t get low blood-sugar.
This is the secret of losing weight. Dr. Atkins was right. It’s all about insulin. Our modern diet tampers with our insulin. We produce too much. Eventually, sometimes, we become insulin-resistant, and then diabetic. But here’s my advice. If you’re fat, don’t eat less. Eat more. Stuff your face, in fact. Stuff your face with greens.

Purple cale all around, don’t know if I’m coming up or down