The Laser Crabs are a local four-piece band who played a stonking gig in the Lansdown a couple of months ago, and are back for more. Here they give their lowdown on their musical style and tastes. The next big Britpop thing? Definitely. Maybe. Watch this space.

Ben English on vocals, Jack Goldsmith on guitar, Felix Crowhurst on drums and Chris Morton on bass. (Chris wasn’t around to answer the questions. Ben did most of the talking, answers are from him unless otherwise stated).
Describe the band: We’re an indie rock band with a funky bass element. A bottom-bunk ear-gasm, basically.
First gig you went to: I went to see Guns ‘n’ Roses at Wembley Stadium in about 92, when I was about 12. I was tiny, and dressed in leathers like Axl Rose. All these rockers were chucking me in the air at the front of the stage. Jack - Jon Bon Jovi. What a stage set! Felix - Iron Maiden.
First gig you played in: I’m new to the game, making my debut at The Lansdown a couple of months back. Jack, Chris and Felix used to play in a band called Tracey Blue. They first played at Polar Central in Brighton supporting the Kooks. Blew them off the stage, apparently.
First band you professed to hate: I was really into grunge and that Seattle sound when I was younger, so all the manufactured boy bands like East 17 and Take That really didn’t go alongside that very well. Jack – My Chemical Romance. Felix - Babyshambles.
Guilty secret: Girls Aloud. They’ve got this teenybop image but they do great songs, great videos and great live shows. Their songs are actually really well crafted pop songs, when you listen to them. Felix is going to one of their gigs next month, but he’s going with about fifteen girls, so the music might not be the main reason, to be fair.

Laser Crabs - young, gifted and back in the Lansdown