Cinema - Love + Hate

Dominic Savage’s 2006 low-budget British drama, Love + Hate pays homage to two national treasures - William Shakespeare and Ken Loach. The pared down Romeo and Juliet-esque story is placed into the setting of an unnamed, racially polarised northern town and the mouths of a cast of (almost) unknowns. Cinematography is provided by Loach’s regular cameraman, Barry Ackroyd. White racist, Adam (Tom Hudson) and traditional Muslim, Naseema (Samina Awan) wrestle with a host of practical and ideological obstacles which threaten the path of true love. (Far from locking eyes across a crowded room, Adam initially tries to get Naseema fired from her work-place before acknowledging their mutual attraction). Meanwhile Naseema’s hypocritical brother, Yousif, is entertaining his own clandestine cross-cultural relationship with fellow factory worker, Michelle (Nichola Burley - familiar to TV viewers of Shameless). After Adam is implicated in a racist attack upon Naseema’s own father, love’s doomed fate seems sealed.
This is the first full-length feature film that Savage has written and, some critics say, it shows. Despite winning two BAFTA awards for a series of one-off dramas, his improvisation methods may have suffered in transit from the goggle-box to the Big Screen. Worthy, it certainly is, but leaving the dialogue to a group of teenagers (although he went to great lengths to hand-pick the cast) is a risk that may have eroded the subtlety of his message. ER

Love + Hate = a tangled web of inner city emotions

All Saints Centre, Lewes
When? 8pm
How Much? £4.50 (£44 for 22 films)
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