Name: Cindy Holmes
Profession: Health Food Shop proprietor. I run Lansdown Health Foods. It was started up in Lansdown Place in 1968 - I took it over in 1984 and moved it to the Cliffe in 1991. My aim is to provide good quality healthy food to local people at reasonable prices.
Are you local? I’ve been here since 1968. We moved from Liverpool when my ex husband came to do a doctorate at the university. Before that, London. All the L’s.
Best thing about Lewes? The people. Lewes attracts a more radical type of person. People who think about things.
Worst thing about Lewes? The traffic. And the local council. It’s the County Council which has overall responsibility for planning that I’m most suspicious of.
Favourite pub? It was the Lewes Arms, until Greene King took the Harveys away. I worked there for five or six years so I was very loyal to that pub. Now the Gardeners or the John Harvey Tavern.
What’s your poison? Harveys. I like a decent red wine, too.
Waitrose or Tesco (or neither)? When I’m in the middle of cooking and I want something that I don’t sell in my shop and the local independents aren’t open I’ll go to Waitrose. I hate Tescos. If you see me there I’ll be in disguise.
What do you think about traffic wardens? We need some control over traffic, but I don’t like the fact that it’s run by the NCP. We should have a system where the wardens are employed by the local authority, so they are answerable to us. The present system has had an appalling effect on the trade in the town.
Could you do anything to be greener? I could change all my light bulbs to energy saving ones. I could scrap my car totally. I could recycle bathwater and washing machine water if I could think of a way. I do the very best I can.

Cindy Holmes ‘can you imagine School Hill with trees up the