Which newspaper do you read? I used to read the Guardian, but I’ve swung over to The Independent. I find the articles more challenging and I agree with their editorial line more. I still prefer the Guardian crossword, though
What did you have for breakfast? Porridge with demerara sugar, wholemeal toast and home-made marmalade and a cup of tea.
Are you pro or anti the Phoenix development? Very, very anti. I’m very active in the Phoenix Action group. You shouldn’t build houses on a flood plain, there isn’t the infrastructure needed for so many people, there aren’t enough doctors, and schools, and roads. There are developments going up all over the town centre and Lewes just can’t cope with it. It’s wrong. And also, on another level, can you imagine all the noise and lorries and comings and goings involved with a major building site in the middle of town over ten years?
Favourite Lewes landmark? I love being at the top of Cliffe by the golf club looking at the town and seeing all the shapes and patterns made by the roofs and landscape. I find it inspirational.
How would you spend a perfect Sunday afternoon? Walking in the country followed by tea in Littlington with congenial friends.
What’s on your hifi? Bob Dylan on one, and the Dixie Chicks on another. They’re an American country band, who offended George Bush because they didn’t agree with the Iraq war. They’re making a comeback. They’re absolutely brilliant.
Lewes would be better if… There were fewer supermarkets. And there were trees in the town centre. French cities have tree-lined avenues, why can’t we? Can you imagine School Hill with trees up the pavements?
What Lewes really doesn’t need is… Any more development (or art galleries).

Cindy Holmes: ‘I’m very very anti the Phoenix development'