Thai Food - Pailin

The problem with some mnemonics is that you can’t always remember which way round they go. I’m puzzling on this as I walk through the door of Lewes’ only Thai restaurant, Pailin, with a head full of cold. Feed a fever, starve a cold? Starve a fever, feed a cold? I’m plumping for the latter option. I figure a bit of spicy food will clear my head, and I don’t fancy the stodge of a curry. We are sat down on a small square table a little too close to two intense women who are having a much more interesting conversation than ours. On the walls are a number of certificates revealing that the LDC has awarded the restaurant the ‘cleanest kitchen award’ in the district for the last 11 years. I’m more interested in the taste of the food, though, than how clean the floors and fridges are.

I let my companion choose, because she’s lived in Thailand. She goes for a prawn soup to share as a starter (‘Tom Yang Gung’), an extra-hot spicy carrot salad (‘Som Tum’), some roasted pork with honey and cucumbers (’Muh Dang’) an omelette (‘Khai Jeaw’) and some plain boiled rice. Apparently this is the sort of spread you get in all the street markets in Bankok. The soup immediately clears my head. The carrot salad is a marvel. The pork is tender, and dippable in soy sauce. The omelette is, well, an omelette. At the end of the meal, washed down with a Chilean wine, my head has cleared. Our conversation becomes interesting, again. Feed a cold, it is, then. What a good place to do it. AL

A fine way to feed a cold

Station street
When? 12-2.30pm, 6-12pm Tues - Sun
How Much? £32 for 2 with wine.
(t) 01273 473906
(w) Website