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“The first will be showcasing new music from all sorts of fields. I get sent all sorts of stuff to review and mix, and I’ll play a mixture of indie guitar music, contemporary folk music and electronic dance music,” he says. “The only thing that they will have in common is that none of the tracks will have yet been released.”
Among the bands he’ll be playing are Brighton band Mula, which leads him into a Soundwave-related anecdote. “Mick from Mula did one of the Soundwave workshops on how to be a rock singer,” he says. “He said it was one of the most frightening things he’d ever done. The kids had to sing like a celebrity. One was Sean Connery, one was Darth Vader, one was Johnny Rotten. Afterwards the Johnny Rotten kid started going on about how much the singer liked baked beans. What was that all about? I wanna bean anarchy? God save the bean?”

Richard’s second show will be ‘two hours of psychadelia’. He’ll play remixed versions of old sixties classics from bands like The Seeds and The Walker Brothers, as well as remixing current bands in a psychedelic style. “There will be bootlegs and oddities, and some weird spoken word stuff,” he says.
He tells me that The Grid are looking into the possibility of playing Glastonbury this year, and I wonder if we can expect to see the band - which also incorporates ex Soft Cell keyboardist David Ball - in Lewes. “I’d love to do a gig at the All Saints,” he says. “We could try and incorporate it into the next Soundwave Festival. I’d like to get more involved in it. In my mid teens I had no support. But we were lucky, there was the post-punk spirit of DIY in the air in those days.”

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Norris in his Lewes studio this week