Gig - Starfish

The latest gig featuring bands from Lewes’ Starfish stable is going to be a little different. The gig will be going out live on Soundwave FM. “We’ve done live feeds before,” says organiser Steve, “but never with an audience. You’ve got to try everything once. We’ll be running around like headless chickens.” The gig will be hosted by Barnaby Garcia and Ian Angel of veteran Starfishers Surrogate Plums, who will interview band members between sets in the Soundwave studio upstairs from St Mary’s Hall.

The bands performing are not exactly as scheduled in the Soundwave programme. Osmosis, who we covered in last week’s issue, will be there, along with Ebony, Red Skies, 10 Headchain and Dr Razzu. The latter band are starting to make a few ripples on the Brighton scene. An indie/grunge threesome, they have recently done a recording session in the Metway Studios with Toby May, who has also worked with the Levellers and Asian Dub Foundation. Last weekend they headlined a legendary gig in the Lansdown, and are looking forward to forthcoming gigs in the Engine Rooms, the Pressure Point, and the 6 Bells in Chiddingly. Starfish, who gave Hugh from the Kooks a helping hand up the pop ladder, are a great resource for young Lewes bands, offering them training, space and equipment. There will be refreshments at the gig, but no alcohol will be on sale. DL

Dr Razzu: watch this myspace

St Mary’s Hall, Christie Rd
When? 7pm
How Much? £2 on door
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