Adam’s work will be displayed alongside that of his former teacher and frequent collaborator Dale Devereux Barker, an eclectic type who describes himself and his work thus: “humorous, colour-saturated, stupid, beautiful, well crafted, over crafted, acidic, autobiographic, surrealist. His travels through media, as diverse as miniature linocut to large scale outdoor vitreous enamels, mean he can be difficult to pinpoint or type cast; a situation that he enjoys. He is the consummate 1980's opportunist.” There is a flippant, playful element to Dale’s semi-abstract work: Picasso in the graffiti age. Strange aboriginal figures co-exist on silver backgrounds; still life prints of bottles and newspapers vie for the viewer’s attention with gaudy patterned backgrounds.
“Adam and I have appeared together in many shows,” says Dale. “But never as just the two of us. We are looking to put our works alongside one another and see how they inter-react with one another. It won’t be two separate shows in the same gallery. We’re hoping to make it an entertaining and fun experience.”
Dale is represented by Jill George Gallery in Soho, and has works on show in the V&A and the Tate; this is his first Sussex show. “Whilst our work covers very different media, it is fused together by our views on the art world and much of our relationship has revolved around discussing the very notion of ‘making’,” says Adam.
Meanwhile, a naked hairy-chested man with a Ronald Reagan mask sits on a red sofa and looks at the camera. Your attention is drawn to the ring in his nipple. An interesting, and slightly subversive exhibition which isn’t, thankfully, devoid of a heavy pinch of humour. AL

Dale Devereux Barker’s Summer 06: ‘Picasso in the graffiti age’

Thebes Gallery
When? Until Feb 25th, 10.30-5pm
How Much? Free Entry
(t) 01273 484214/484195