Gig - Bacalao

Bacalao are a Brighton-based 11-piece Salsa band who have been steadily making a name for themselves over the last two and a half years. In recent months they have been regularly selling-out Brighton’s Komedia and tonight they come to the All Saints to launch themselves on the Lewes market. Though they are not all new to the town - conga player Dominic David has previously played the Snowdrop in a prototype form of the band. “We all used to cram in with three on the pool table”, he tells me.

The band originally became notorious in local quarters (and were even featured on BBC news) for what amounted to professional moonlighting. When they weren’t playing together, Bacalao would work together as labourers. What came first, then, I ask David, the music, or the building work? “The work”, says David. “We were already gigging together before we decided to supplement our income in the building trade. So during our lunch breaks we would have a jam or try out a dance routine on site.” Did your clients mind? “No, it was a bit of a novelty. And we’d always invite them to the gigs.”
I can’t let David go without getting to the bottom of the name. I’m reliably informed that bacalao means ‘cod’ in Spanish, I say. Is this true? “Yes”, laughs David. “It’s just something the Latino performers will shout out onstage”. Are you sure? “Pretty sure” says David “It’s a great word, though, isn’t it?” ER

Cod almighty: salsa band Bacalao
All Saints Centre
When? 7.30-11pm
How Much? £12.50
(t) 01273 483983
(w) Website