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This week’s picture from the Reeves archive was taken in 1900 and features Mrs Steere, the gravedigger of St Thomas a Beckett church. “We’ve been told that her husband was the original gravedigger, and that Mrs. Steere carried on in is place after he died,” says Tom Reeves. Presumably she buried him herself. The graveyard no longer exists. “It was cleared for the approach to the tunnel,” continues Tom. We wonder if Mrs. Steere always wore a fur coat and hat to work, or whether she was just dressing up for the camera. Reeves have an extensive archive of photos in their collection, which you can browse through at 159 High Street where the business has been running for four generations since 1858. We hope you’re enjoying the series as much as we are: if you know anything more about Mrs Steere don’t hesitate to contact us.

Like husband, like wife. But who buried Mr Steere?