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This week’s picture comes from Karl James, who took it last Wednesday, at 4.55pm, from Willey’s Bridge. “I know the time specifically because I’ve noticed there have been some lovely sunsets recently, and I always stick my head out the window at around that time to see how the sky’s looking.” On Wednesday, it looked just wonderful, and Karl rushed to the bridge with his Canon EOS 400D. “I’d already earmarked the spot, because I wanted as much sky as possible, and there’s an interesting roofscape at Landport.” “I haven’t got a big zoom, or anything, so this was the best place for me in town.” We asked Karl if he’d doctored the picture. “Just a tiny bit, in Photoshop, just to enhance the colour,” he admits. “It looks like Landport’s on fire, doesn’t it?”

Cos Landport is burning and I… I live by the river