That’s your lot then, in a week in which a steady weeklong drizzle saturated our parks and dampened all our spirits, and the council blocked up Malling Rise with road works dug, coincidentally enough, handily before the April budget estimates were made. A week in which England suddenly became a good cricket team again in time for us all to get hysterical about our chances of winning the World Cup in the Caribbean. And a week in which it was revealed that Britain came bottom among the economically advanced countries as a healthy place for children to grow up.

We’d like to thank the following people, without whom this issue would not have been possible: Richard Norris, Peter Flanagan, Bryan Davies, Adam Monaghan, Dale Devereux Barker, John Crampton, Dominic David, Toby Park, Steve from Starfish, Will Nash, Tom Reeves and ‘Uncle’ Paul Nixon.

This week’s contributors are: William Leith, Jessica Wood, Dexter Lee, Emma Robertson, Steve King, Emma Chaplin, Adrienne Campbell, John Stockdale, Nick Williams, Scott Chowen, Antonia Gabassi, Katie Moorman and Alex Leith.

Next week’s highlights include:
Thursday 22nd February: the great Leon Rossellson at the Folk Club
Friday 23rd: The Dutch WW2 drama Black Book at the All Saints
Friday 23rd: The Nicholas Yonge Society present Scala veterans Trio Wanderer at the Sussex Downs College
Saturday 24th: Turning Green do their fabulous groove thang at the Lansdown

Lewes turns green again next week