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This week’s picture comes from regular contributor Ian Cairns. It’s an unusual view of the castle taken from the Brooks south of the A27 (accessible from Cockshut Lane). “I took it a couple of weeks ago,” says Ian. “It was one of those days when it had rained a lot, and then the sun had come out. You don’t see the castle from the south so often: it must have been an impressive sight when it was in use, with the curtain wall over the hill. It must have looked absolutely huge.” Ian took the picture with a Nikon D70. “I always take it on my walks and take a shot of anything unusual. I walk down there every day, and I’d never seen the castle look like that before.” We like the way the movement of the seagulls contrasts with the bulk of the keep, which hasn’t budged an inch for nearly 1000 years. As we keep saying, we love getting your pictures, so keep sending them in, wherever or whenever they were taken.

Ian Cairns: ‘imagine how impregnable the castle would have seemed to an invading army
coming from the south’