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Name: Peter Cole
Profession: I make plastic toy figures, which tend to be in war-related period costume. Currently I’m working on an 18th century figure from the French-Indian war in Canada. It’s a complicated process involving building modelling wax onto a wire armature, then making a mould using electroplating.
Are you local? I’m originally from Essex. I was living in London in 1990, and some friends who were living in Peacehaven told me that Lewes would suit me down to the ground. I arranged a visit… later to find that my football team was playing a fixture in Lewes that Sunday. It turned out a few of my team-mates came from Lewes, though I hadn’t known it. It all seemed like destiny.
What do you like about Lewes? It’s a place where misfits are made to feel they can fit in. The town is proud of its eccentrics.
What’s your poison? Harveys.
Waitrose or Tesco (or neither?) Waitrose rather than Tesco, but I prefer to use local traders. Bill’s and the Lansdown Food Store are my favourites.
What do you think of traffic wardens? I don’t run a car so I’m not as affected as most people. I think the whole scheme has been very badly handled. If they’d put just a little bit of the money they earn from it back into public transport, it would have been great PR. If they’d done that with conviction, people would have an alternative to driving into town.
What newspaper do you read? I don’t usually buy a newspaper and when I do it’s to read the sports pages. I read books - I tend to alternate between novels and factual accounts. At the moment I’m reading a 900-page book about Bob Dylan.
What’s your favourite Lewes landmark? Coming into Lewes by train and looking at the Offham chalk pits on the right.

Peter Cole: Model maker, Sunday morning footballer,
folk singer and thoroughly decent chap