Competition - From Slavery to Fairtrade

The 23rd of March 2007 is the bicentenary of the Act that abolished the Slave Trade. The Lewes Fair Trade Town group is commemorating this by launching a writing competition on the theme ‘From Slavery to Fairtrade’ for adults and children. The slave trade was established to meet the need for cheap labour to supply Europe with the same crops – sugar, coffee, cocoa, cotton - for which Fair Trade aims to get a better producer price today. Since then trade rules have ensured that the producers of such cash crops receive a price that keeps them in extreme poverty whilst traders make large profits.

Lewes was the first town in the South-East to achieve Fairtrade Town Status, which is awarded by the Fairtrade Foundation once Town Council support has been gained and Fairtrade items are readily available in the town. The Fairtrade Group seeks to encourage the use and sale of Fair Trade items in Lewes and to raise awareness of the issues underlying the need for Fair Trade. Both the Abolition movement and Fair Trade campaigns have relied for support on ordinary people raising awareness in their own community, religious and social groups. The same sentiment has won supporters, a moral abhorrence at exploiting fellow human beings and a belief that change is possible and mutually beneficial.
There will be readings and performance of the best entries at the Town Hall in Autumn. MA

Slavery: abolished in 1833. Still going strong.

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