Gig - The Elevators

Following the untimely death of singer-guitarist John Whippy last year, the four-piece Blues band he fronted, The Elevators, were left with a dilemma: should they fold, or should they carry on? “We decided to carry on,” says Martin Robinson, another former member of the band. “After all we had been going for twenty years. But only if we could find the right people.” The band, who have built a great reputation on the blues circuit over the years, auditioned over 30 guitarists and singers before deciding they’d found the right ones. “We were incredibly lucky to find them,” continues Martin. “Paul Rawson is an incredibly talented guitar player: when we heard him we realised instantly that he had the right sound and technique for us. It was the same with Fran Galpin. His vocals were just what we were looking for... plus he has the real feel and humour that a true exponent of the blues needs”.

The band are starting a tour of the local area with a gig in one of their old haunts, The Snowdrop. “It’s classic blues stuff,” says Fran, “and slightly different takes on classic Blues songs. Expect the likes of T-Bone Shuffle, and Albert King’s Tore Down. But expect some more recent songs too, by the likes of Ry Cooder and even Bob Dylan. Which Dylan song? You’ll have to wait and see. I can promise it’ll be like you’ve never heard it before.” DL

Elevators: on the up again despite the tragic death of guitarist
John Whippy
The Snowdrop
When? 9pm
How Much? Free
(t) 01323 471018