Would a redeveloped Phoenix area be good for the town? I feel quite strongly that with the right balance of shops (not stuff we already have in the town) it could be really good. However we must avoid what happened in Brighton, where the Churchill Centre opened up and took all the business away from the London Road shops, leaving it a pretty run down area. To be a good idea, it must be in keeping with, and integrated into, the existing town.
What do you think about pedestrianising the centre of Lewes? A good idea, but only if they sort out the parking. Maybe they could build a park and ride in the chalk pits in the Cliffe Industrial Estate?
Could you do anything to make your business greener? Yes, and we’re actively looking at it now, because I’m heavily in to green issues. We’ve just invested over £10,000 in new diagnostic and emissions testing equipment. Also, by servicing cars properly, we send every one back out cleaner and greener than when it came in.
Any expansion plans? On the back burner at the moment - subject to possible Phoenix redevelopment. We’ve been offered a new site across in Malling Brooks if it happens. In the future we may look to expand in Brighton & Uckfield.
Is there anything you always get asked? I’m always being asked “How much to fix my car?” by people who haven’t actually got the car with them. I usually say “phone me up tomorrow and point the phone at the car and I’ll be able to tell you then”…

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