Name: Jo Fifer
Business Name: Le Bureau
Where are you based? The Needlemakers in Lewes
What does your business do? We offer a wide range of business services including printing, photocopying, wedding stationary, internet access and business cards. We also offer a virtual office and accommodation service, effectively answering calls and receiving mail for small companies.
How long have you been running the business? Personally for the last nine months, however Le Bureau has been around for the last nine years.
What was on the premises before? I believe it was another company offering secretarial and office services.
What’s the most expensive service you offer? Most of our work is charged by the hour, or by quantity, so that’s hard to answer. It’s probably our monthly accommodation and personal telephone answering service at £70.
And the cheapest? One sheet of photocopying for 10p
Do you ever get any strange requests? Most requests are fairly standard, however recently we were asked to photocopy a china mug for someone…
What sort of people use the business? It’s a wide variety of Lewes-based small businesses, ranging from artists, editors and publishers to actors and organic chocolate makers. We also work closely with most of the Lewes Bonfire Societies.
Anything that annoys you about your customers? I know I’ve only been here nine months, but so far I can honestly say that 99% of our customers are a pleasure to work with. And we’re working on the rest…


Jo Fifer: ‘someone once asked me to photocopy a china mug’.
She did it, too