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In that case I will put one up that I have taken earlier. But never more than two or three days earlier.” He admits this when he does it. Look through the blog, and you’ll realise it’s a rarity.

Simon uses a compact Canon S80, and he finds the flexibility that a digital camera gives him to be extremely liberating. “The beauty of it is that you can just shoot, and if you don’t like the results you can throw them away. I tend not to worry about composition too much until I get back to my computer to edit the photos. That is where I mainly compose the pictures. Some purists think that this takes the ‘art’ out of photography, but I disagree. Traditional photographers used to do a lot of their cropping, 'dodging and burning' and that sort of thing in the dark room. In a way this is just an extension of that process. Film photographers are in an ever-decreasing minority, actually. A friend of mine went into a camera shop the other day and found out that they only sell about one roll of film a week.”

Simon has lived in Lewes since 1992, and finds it the perfect setting for his photography. “I love the way you get a sense of where the town sits in the landscape around it,” he says. “I love the way you can go out of your front door and be in that landscape within five minutes.” He goes back and back again to certain places. “At the moment I am obsessed by the dew pond above Nevill,” he says. But otherwise he varies his daily route as much as he can. “Even Lewes would get tedious if you were walking the same way every day.” AL

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A light so clear you could almost touch Caburn from Keere Street