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“It makes for fascinating theatre,” he continues. “We get a fantastic image of the period before and during the war. In particular we realise how idealistic and politicised people were then, and Lee Miller was in particular. People think of surrealists being up themselves but Miller had a political agenda and she followed it right down the line.”

“But above all it’s an extremely moving piece. Because the actors are reading real words from real letters it has a fantastic immediacy. It’s like reading a letter for the first time - bang! It hits you right between the eyes. People will be stunned. It will make them think. It will move them.”

Antony Penrose appears as himself in the show; Lee Miller is played by his daughter Ami Bouhassane, who bears more than a passing likeness to her grandmother. James Leighton performs the role of the surrealist photographer Man Ray (one of Miller’s many lovers) and Chris Barnes plays the photo-journalist David E. Schermann (ditto).

We’ve covered Miller’s career in some detail in recent editions of Viva Lewes, both in the website and the Handbook - you can find the latest piece on her by clicking the link to our April Handbook on our home page. We are putting on this event ourselves: tickets will be on sale at Laporte's in the week running up to the event. Be quick, we expect them to sell out, and we believe this to be a first-class work of drama. AG

…and in 1944. ('Lee Miller, St Malo, France, 1944' by David E.
Scherman © Lee Miller Archives, England 2007. All rights reserved.)

Constitutional Club
When? 7:30pm
How Much? £6 from Laportes, 1 Lansdown Place
(t) 01273 488882