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Name: Ed Smith
Profession: Accountant and occasional barman. Accountancy almost pays the bills but I love working in pubs. It's like a night out and a day’s work rolled into one.
Are you local? Very much so. I was born in Brighton then three days later was home in Lewes. I've lived here for the 28 years since then, apart from three years spent at university in Salford.
What do you like about Lewes? What is there not to like? You're in the countryside in minutes wherever you are, there are loads of great pubs, Bonfire Night is simply the greatest thing ever and I know pretty much everyone here. Well, most of the locals anyway...
What's your favourite pub? I like most of them to be honest. My two best friends own the Lansdown and the Elly now so I visit those two a fair bit. I'm also quite fond of the Oak though.
What's your poison? Stella or G&T mainly. I'm not fussy though and I'll try anything once.
Waitrose or Tesco? I'll admit that Waitrose gets the edge out of pure laziness. Tesco might be an insidious, evil empire; hell-bent on destroying every other business in the country, but they are incredibly cheap. At the end of the day, you can't argue with market forces and I don't earn enough to shop ethically.
What do you think about Traffic Wardens? I blame NCP and the council, not the wardens themselves. Most of them are just doing their jobs, although a few are a little over zealous and one in particular is possibly a reincarnation of Hitler.

Ed Smith – he’ll try anything once