What is your favourite shop in Lewes? I dabble in antiques, so I’m a big fan of the flea market in Market St.
Recommend somewhere to eat out: I don’t eat out that often, but always find ASK offer prompt service and good prices.
What sort of business do you think Lewes needs to attract? I’ll spin that one around and say that we certainly doesn’t need a load of big multiples turning Lewes in to another clone town.
Would a redeveloped Phoenix area be good for the town? It could go one way or the other. On the one hand it could bring prosperity to the whole of the town. However the risk is that the area becomes the town, leaving the other areas as retail wastelands.
What do you think about the idea of pedestrianising the centre of Lewes? In principle I’m in favour of pedestrianisation. However, I’m not sure if it’s achievable in Lewes, with its narrow roads and medieval building pattern.
Could you do anything to make your business greener? We’re already doing it. We save all our cardboard, and 90% of the bags we use are paper.
Any expansion plans? We are always looking to expand the range of chocolates on offer. Space wise, we’re fine
Is there anything you always get asked? Q: “Aren’t you tempted to eat all the chocolates yourself?” A “We allow our staff to eat as many as they want and the stock levels are fine”
Give a top tip to our readers: It’s the secret to football success.
“Don’t give the other team the ball. If a mistake happens and they do get the ball, get it back.

100% raw chocolate for cacao purists (not a spelling mistake, google it)