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Name: Nathan Parkin
Profession: I’ve had many but at the moment I’m an actor. I’m in the Lewes Repertory Theatre Group: we’re currently doing some Chekhov plays and in June we’re doing The Caretaker again. I play Aston, a visionary dreamer who has been given ECT treatment having been mistaken for a nutter. I’m also in a play called Dinner, in Hastings. In the last two local elections I stood as a post-New-Labour Socialist in the local elections. I increased the vote but I’m too busy to stand this time round. I’m helping a mate who’s standing, though.
Are you local? I was born in Watford and lived for a time in Kenya, but moved here when my parents, who are academics, got a job at Sussex University in the late seventies.
What do you like about Lewes? It’s got a feeling of magic about it. The countryside is great and there are a lot of creative people around.
What don’t you like about it? The fact that there’s an obsession with building new houses for the filthy rich when there are other things which could be made a priority like increasing local industry.
What’s your favourite pub? Either the Lansdown or the Elephant and Castle. It used to be the Lewes Arms, and I’m pleased I’ll be able to pop in there again for the odd pint of Harveys.
Waitrose or Tesco (or neither)? Well for quality and ethics I’d go for Waitrose, but for price it’s Tesco, unfortunately. I used to work there, and I don’t like the way they treat their staff.
What do you think about traffic wardens? Hah! The NCP parking scheme is a money-making exercise which may shift traffic around but doesn’t reduce it. They shouldn’t have contracted it out and they should have made an effort to direct traffic away from Lewes. This would have taken longer, but would have been a better approach to the problem.

Nathan Parkin, socialist actor: not big on breakfasts