Name: Anne Benson
Business name: Parterre
What does your business do? We are a garden shop that doesn’t sell plants. However we do sell a great range of artificial flowers and unusual gardens items, you are unlikely to find in the large garden centres. Our best selling range at the moment is Fermob garden furniture. I’m pleased to say that it’s being featured this week in a gold medal-winning garden at the Chelsea Flower Show.
How long have you been running the business? Five years in our current shop. For twelve months before that we were based in the Needlemakers, which is a great place to start a business.
What was on the premises before? Directly before us, it was a leather shop, and a building society prior to them - we know that, because the counter was still in the shop when we arrived.
Where do you get your stock from? I mainly buy at trade shows in the UK and in France. However we also always have a number of artist pieces in the shop, including garden ornaments, pottery and prints. We also sell genuine Sussex made trugs.
What’s the most expensive item you sell? We recently sold a garden bench for £160.
And the cheapest? A packet of labels for 50 pence.
And the most unusual? Our carrier bags made from recycled Indian newspapers. The profits go to provide education and shelter for Indian street children.
What is your favourite shop in Lewes? Fillers sandwich shop, because they deliver my lunch, which means I don’t have to close.

Anne Benson: 'The council should collect recycled goods
from traders'