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Charity Fundraising Walk

Until recently, all I knew about St Peter and St James Hospice was that they had one of the many charity shops on Lewes High St. I was completely unaware of the wonderful work undertaken at its Hospice and Continuing Care Centre, providing integrated palliative care for patients in Sussex suffering with cancer and other life-limiting conditions. The hospice has been doing this incredibly worthwhile work for the past thirty years, helping patients, their families and friends deal with the terminal illnesses, whilst also enabling them to attempt to live life to the full. This compassionate and time-consuming work is expensive to fund, and unfortunately nearly 90% of the monies needed, have to be raised by the Hospice itself. So to help with this task, a fundraising support group has been set up in Lewes, with the aim of contributing as much as they can towards the £3000 a day, needed to keep the centre running.

One of their inaugural events, is a midsummer town walk, and to take part, simply head along to their stand in grange gardens at any time between 11am and 4pm. You will then be sent off with a fun quiz for both adults and kids to enjoy as you attempt to discover the hidden depths of our historic town. If however you’d rather have a guide, go at 11.30am or 2pm, when for a £4 charity donation, local historian David Edy, will lead you around the twittens. NW

Roll up for the mystery tour, in Grange Gardens

Grange Gardens, Lewes
When? From 11am
How Much? £5 families; £2 adult; £1 kids
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