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This week’s picture from Reeves was taken in 1915 and it features an amazing-looking steam-powered lorry, laden with firkins of ale, which has come a cropper in the bottleneck, ploughing through a lamp-post and into the wall of number 103. Which then, according to Reeves’ files, belonged to the Bentham Stevens family. A portly policeman stands guard: it is interesting that the small crowd which has collected (whose class you can tell from the shape of their hats) seem to be more interested in the camera than the wreckage. Reeves have an extensive archive of photos in their collection, which you can browse through at 159, High Street where the business has been running for four generations since 1858. If you know anything more about any of the photos we publish, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Ramraiding 1915 style.