Viva Lewes - The Hills are Alive

First up we’d like to let you know this edition of Viva Lewes is a ‘bumper’ August issue which will take you up to August 29th: we’re closing the office up for a few days so we can all enjoy a short but well-deserved summer break.
It’s not been a case of all work and no play here in recent weeks though: as we write the Lewes Guitar Festival team will be starting a well-earned break of their own after putting on a magnificent festival that really got the town buzzing in the welcome better-late-than-never sunshine. We’d like to congratulate Lawrence Hill and his hard-working team for arranging what we consider to be the best edition of the event so far, with hundreds of performers gracing a variety of venues from the intimate (and sweaty) surroundings of the Lansdown to the magnificent ‘Big Top’ marquee in the Convent Fields. My highlight was when the Commercial Square ‘Proms in the Paddock’ fireworks lit up the sky during cult guitar hero Richard Thompson’s Saturday night set in front of a record (for Lewes gigs) 1500 crowd.
Another festival which is growing in prestige, year on year, is Artwave, where the town’s artists open up their houses for the public to get an intimate view of their work. There are a number of imaginative events planned to supplement the private viewings, taking place later this month, which you can find out about in this issue.
Finally the latest on the Falmer Stadium. Our editorial on the matter (Issue 81) opened a can of worms by speaking out against the government’s decision to give the green light to the proposed Brighton ground in the much-ravaged Lewes District village. Falmer Parish Council are considering launching a High Court appeal, and are currently awaiting a report by the same QC who advised the LDC on their appeal. Watch this space for any developments.

Where is it?
Cover: Space Needle by Roger Dean
Brighton Beach by Becky Blair (see page 18)

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