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Local artist Nick Bodimeade was an abstract painter for twenty years before he moved into more realist territory. Now his subjects, at first glance, are varied and seemingly disparate - ranging from dogs to chairs to roads. His concerns, however, have not changed in the transition in style, he tells me, when we talk over the phone. He still chooses to address such grandiose questions as ‘what the world is’ and how we engage with it. “I am always looking for different ways in which space is inhabited”, he tells me. “Like the chairs. I had just come back from New Zealand and I was looking for a way to bring together all the images that I had collected there and I needed a way of focussing. They were a way of painting the body by not painting it - so the viewer can project the expected body into the space.”

And the dogs? “I wanted to represent the body in the landscape without the sexual politics involved in painting the human form. They were a sort of genderless substitute and allowed me to represent it without making the sensuality too obvious.” This month’s solo exhibition at HQ Gallery is drawn predominantly from his recent landscape work in New Zealand - and brings together a lot of the thematic strands of his previous projects.

A longer interview with the artist is featured in this month’s handbook. Click here to view.

'Beach' by Nick Bodimeade

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