Gig - Dayglo Pirates

Back in the hazy, hallucinatory days of the late 60s, and before the band we now know as Jethro Tull had landed their weekly residency at London’s famous Marquee Club, they were forced to frequently change their name in order to fool promoters and get re-booked at venues where they’d already been laughed off stage. However, if previous glowing reviews are anything to go by, these aren’t tactics that the Dayglo Pirates, a merry bunch of Sussex-based musicians, need ever resort to. The ‘Pirates’, in their own words, have been ‘shamelessly plundering’ the music of the legendary prog-rockers Jethro Tull as their premier tribute band for over 11 years now. They’ve been wowing audiences with their renditions of classic early covers and staggering physical likeness. Tull front man Ian Anderson himself has declared in a letter that the band ‘might even fool me on a good night’. Almighty praise.

So what can Lewes residents expect from a Saturday night in the company of these hirsute prog-Gods? Well, according the Dayglo Pirates website, their material tends to pay homage to earlier Jethro Tull albums, such as ‘Stand Up’ and ‘Aqualung’. However, we’re also promised the somewhat questionable delights of Grahammond Burgess’ swelling organs and ‘goose bothering’, Paul (Songs from the) Forrest’s various musical talents and biblical miracle mimicry (water into wine folks!) and Thomasmore Andrews taming of a “small but potent” glockenspiel. Should be fun. RL

Retro Tull: Dayglo Pirates are Living in the Past

All Saints Centre
When? 7.30pm
How Much? £7 (from Octave & Laporte's)
(t) 01273 486391