Name: Nina Coyne.
Business Name:  I have named the shop Padraig (pronounced por-ric) in memory of my father.
What inspired you to set up the business?  My previous career was in nursing, but I had to stop working for a while after suddenly being diagnosed with breast cancer. During the year or so I was receiving treatment, I had plenty of time to reflect, and when I was fit to return to work, I decided on a radical change - hence the opening of a men’s lifestyle gift shop.
Why a gift shop exclusively for men? I felt that Lewes was short of options for men’s gifts - either to buy for themselves or for others to buy for them.
What do you sell? Our main lines are men’s grooming products, outdoor gifts (including BBQ sets, walking canes etc), and a wide selection of gifts suitable for weddings and birthdays, ranging in price from £5-£85.
Any exclusive product ranges? I am trying to make sure that everything we stock is exclusive to the shop in Lewes. Currently, this includes our Willow cosmetics range, and a great range of gifts from the Science Museum in London.
Who do want to use your shop? It’s for everyone. I want men to come in to browse and buy for themselves, kids looking for something for Fathers' Day, or a birthday, and anyone else who wants to buy a special gift.
Why did you choose to set up in the Needlemakers? I love the feel of the place, and it’s handy having other small retail businesses around to help bring a variety of customers in.
What is your favourite shop in Lewes? Flint - I think visiting their shops is a beautiful experience.

Men only: Nina stocks gifts for blokes in her new shop Padraig