Recommend somewhere to eat out in Lewes? I’m a big fan of Lazzati’s - in fact I was there last week and had a divine pasta with clams.
What sort of businesses do you think Lewes needs to attract? It’s a great town for small retailers, whose businesses help to give the town its unique, independent feel. People come to Lewes because it delivers a different shopping experience - let’s not change that.
Would a redeveloped Phoenix area be good for the town? Can it really be a good idea to fill up the flood plain in this way? Also, an influx of a wide range of high street retailers would potentially ruin the feel of the town.
Any thoughts on the Lewes parking scheme? The Needlemakers is lucky in one sense because we have a car park directly next to us. However, I really feel that the time limit should be increased from two hours, because even if you just stay in the Needlemakers, you feel rushed if want to have a nice lunch in the café and browse all the shops.
As a new business how conscious are you of making it a ‘green’ business? We’re not going to use plastic bags, and we are trying to source a range of locally produced gifts. To start this off, our wooden candlestick holders were purchased from a supplier I met at the recent Bentley Woodfair. 
Any future expansion plans? Let me settle in first!
Give a top tip to our readers: Be happy, and take every day as it comes, because, as I found out, you never know what’s waiting for you around the corner. NW

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