Classical Music - Galeazzi Ensemble

“The Brighton Early Music Festival is all about playing classical and pre classical music they way audiences would have heard it at the time it was composed,” says Richard Wade, of the Galeazzi Ensemble. The group are a flute quartet who specialise in exactly this sort of thing. “The movement to play music on original instruments started in the 70s,” he says, “but it really exploded in the 90s, and has been continuing to grow in popularity since.” The instruments the quartet use have been chosen accordingly. “Lesley [Holliday] has an 18th century ebony flute which produces a very different sound to the modern metal ones,” he says. “My violin was made in 1730 in Bavaria, and nothing has been done to enhance the sound it originally made. Virgione [Guifray] and Gareth [Deats], on cello and viola respectively play on copies made exactly how they would have been made in the 18th century.”
“The sound offers a better degree of clarity, there are more defined nuances, it is more colourful and it has more texture,” he continues. “We play with gut strings instead of metal ones, and with lighter bows. This doesn’t only affect the sound, it affects the way we play the instruments.” The Galeazzis are a young quartet in some demand (the interview is done down the line from Aberdeenshire during a tour of Scotland) who are regularly played on Radio 3. They will be playing a range of interesting pieces, including the Andante in C for flute and orchestra, by Mozart, and an arrangement by the same composer of a Bach trio. AG

Early music: the Galeazzi Quartet use original 18th and 19th
century instruments

Pelham House, St Andrew’s Lane
When? 12 Noon
How Much? £10/£7
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