Firesite location:
just north of the Stanley Turner, down Cockshut Lane.
Highlight: this is the first aerial display from the latest incarnation of the group, so everything’s to play for.
Smugglers’ colours: red and black (after Lewes FC, who play, of course, in Southover).
Formed: originally formed in 1858, went down 1958, reformed briefly in mid 80’s, and again in 2005.
Motto: Advance! (the group’s original motto).
Emblem: Priory monk.
Membership: 250 adults 50 juniors.
Did you know? Southover Bonfire Society’s Chairman, Steve Watts, is currently Lewes Chamber of Commerce’s ‘Personality of the Year’.
What are they all about then? Young, fresh, up and coming. Watch them go…
Area of Lewes: very much attached to Southover, as it says on the tin, from their colours to their pioneers (and their members, too).
Pub HQ: Kings Head.
Website: ‘not yet’.
First and second pioneers: cluniac monks and Tudors.
If they were a football team they’d be: Wigan. Not long in the top flight, but very much holding their own.

Southover members, the new kids on the block, celebrate after
their first participation in the United Grand Procession last year