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What’s your favourite Lewes landmark? I’d have to say the All Saints. I’ve been involved with it a long time, one way and another. It’s working really well now, with Lesley May running things.
Do you think there should be a football stadium in Falmer? I think they should have stayed at the Goldstone Ground, but of course they were forced out. I think Falmer is a good site. It’s hardly ruining the Downs: it’s just a muddy field next to the University.
What did you have for breakfast this morning? A combination of Weetabix, Muesli, grape nuts and pineapple, all from separate packets. In real milk, though I usually choose skimmed. And a cup of Red Label tea.
What newspaper do you read? The Independent, and the Sussex Express.
How would you spend a perfect Sunday? Having a long walk with some food at the end of it. To Ditchling, or the Jolly Sportsman, or to Stanmer Village.
Recommend a good film… Get Carter. It was on the TV the other day. It was the first British film to be shot on location, in Newcastle. They even went into real pubs.
And one coming up in your current Film Club season? Gabrielle. A period piece with Isabelle Huppert. It’s about a stifling marriage and it does portray it very well.
What do you think should be done with the North Street area? Every time someone wants to build a new development they say they are going to put a cinema in. The fact is we’re too close to Brighton here to build a new permanent cinema here, unless some mad millionaire wants to fund it. When we arrived here the old Odeon had ‘shame’ written on the front, and it was. Once you close down cinemas, they don’t tend to open new ones in their place.

Viviana Herrera (left) as a displaced native American in the
Film Club’s latest offering, Play