Friday 1st September
The Old Market Lane Garage
If you’re looking at the last minute for an event to consider, why not try the Dialectic arts project down in Market Lane, which has events scheduled daily through until September 17th. As well as an exhibition of artwork from C.Morey de Morand and Julie Wood, today’s offerings include Drawing and Making for all ages. For further details e-mail or visit:

Saturday 2nd September
Maize Maze by Torchlight
This is just about the last chance your kids will get to see Spring Barn Farm Park’s maize maze in it’s full glory before it’s flattened to be used as cattle fodder. The Park itself also has a range of other activities to keep children amused, and a decent cafÈ to boot. For further information, call 01273 488450 or visit their website at:

Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd September
Southern Counties Horse Show
This takes place at Plumpton Racecourse over the weekend and is billed as a ‘friendly family show where everyone win’s a prize!’ This is part of a series of Horse and Dog shows which event organisers Colette’s put on throughout the South of England. If you are a regular competitor, SJ, Showing (CHAPS, p(UK), NPS ETC) may mean something to you. If you’re keen to enter, but don’t know what this means, then further details can be found on their website. Alternatively, if like me you just fancy watching, entry is priced at £5 per car. More info via 01227 710558 or at:

Pre-torched maize…