Sunday 17th September
Battle of Britain Commemoration
The Fort is one of our favourite venues and always worth a visit, even if a special event isn’t on. Today however, you have a bonus, because a Battle of Britain commemoration is also taking place. Some say that if it wasn’t for the RAF, and its heroic efforts in WW2, we could all be part of some Teutonic European super state today… Others give greater credit to the Royal Navy. Either way, a massive amount of heroism was shown. So if your kids are into history, or you simply want to mark the occasion and pay your own respects, head over to Newhaven Fort for today’s events. Also on show will be an interesting combination of the Brighton Jive Dancers and a bunch of Military vehicles. More details on 01273 517622 or at:

Downs Leisure Centre
Cinema - Pirates of the Caribbean 2.
If for any reason you still haven’t seen this epic, then you may as well take a trip to Seaford Cinema for a change, where you will be able to catch up on the action. After all, if you don’t see it soon, you’ll get confused and end up watching P of the C 3 first… The two films were filmed in unison. It starts at 7pm and tickets can be booked via 01323 490011.

Wed 20th September
Dripping Pan, Mountfield Rd, Lewes
Lewes FC v Fisher Athletic
It’s a Wednesday night game, so probably not suitable for the younger ones on a school night. Perfect however for over-energetic Priory students, who can head down to the Pan and come up with a string of amusing chants whilst consuming burgers and coke. Adults also welcome…

Drinking in the Fort – thanks to the RAF…